Where did myxacom.com come from? Good question. I shan't bore you with the usual history I'm sure a video will be posted on here to do that (if your really interested). In a nutshell I've been working in Project Controls in one form or another since 1999 where I started life as an EVM planner. I've moved around numerous businesses in Project Controls roles when the day came to give it a go alone (all very scary stuff). Xacom Limited was born in February 2011 offering Project Control consulting services, this allowed me a little more creative freedom and myxacom.com was the first extension of putting ideas into practice. 

I suppose the next question to ask is: Why is myxacom.com here? Okay, I admit it, I love learning and Teaching even as a young boy growing up I taught swimming and sailing and I was surrounded by teachers. As my career started to take shape I spent more time being educated and teaching, now my favourite part of consulting is teaching and sharing knowledge. It's what excites me and makes me want to learn more to pass onto others. myxacom.com is a medium for me to do something I really enjoy whilst helping others develop theoretical and software skills in and around Project Controls.

Why Project Controls? It's what I know and its what I'm good at. I was never really good at the usual sports, football, cricket, basketball, yes I was the kid that got chosen last every play time (sob, sob). Here's the thing I found something I am good at and something that I sometimes get picked first for but I'm never usually picked last anymore so I stuck at it and continue to learn.

So that's the history, there has been endless hours of research, development, travelling, delays and sleepless nights but it's here, myxacom.com and I have to say I'm incredibly grateful for all the people who developed, taught, supported, tested (patience included) and inspired me, without all of you none of this would have been possible, most of you know who you are.

Thanks for reading a little more about us and I hope to update this section over the years to come to share our experiences along the way.

Kind Regards,

Mick Higgins

Founder and CEO